What to Expect: A Timeline one goes through when Selling a House

Sometimes we may find ourselves in a situation that requires us to look for the likes of Ontario realtors to help us with a house selling process. It could be that our financial situation has changed unexpectedly, and we are no longer in a position to service our mortgage. We’ve gotten ourselves a new job far away and requires us to move. Sometimes we may be out for a bigger house. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure that we will have to sell our current home.

While selling a home may sound like an easy thing to do, getting a potential buyer with a good deal may not be a walk in the park. There are so many steps involved that make the process more confusing and disheartening. This article will reveal precise and straightforward steps that will help you sell your house.

Step One: Engage a Real Estate Agent

 If I were to sell my house, the first thing I will think of is finding a real estate agent. But again, how will I know that the agent I am about to engage has a good experience? Initial interviews and touring the property may give an idea about the agent’s credentials. 

Step Two: Determine How Much your House Is Worth

The greatest mistake when it comes to selling a home is overpricing. However, since most of us are usually first-time sellers, we may know nothing about selling houses. We must engage with experienced real estate agent or brokerage. 

An agent will help you keep the price in line with the sold houses in the comparative market analysis. Touring the property with the agent may be a good starting point. Together, you will consider whether the property as per the market is neutral, cold, or hot, then you can price it accordingly. 

Step Three: Approve the Listing & Get the House Ready for Sale

Before putting your house for sale, you need to ensure that it is in perfect condition. If I were the one selling, I would put myself in the shoes of the buyer and imagine how I would want the house I am buying to look like. 

I will prefer engaging a home inspector to assess the property and give me ideas on what needs to be done to make the house attractive to a prospective buyer. With the help of this professional home advisor, I will be able to know the mandatory repairs that can make the property competitive in the market. 

Step Four: Marketing the House

Once you are through with repairs, what follows will be a good marketing campaign with the help of the agent. This stage requires intensive advertising. Engaging a virtual tour company may be a step closer to selling your house. Statistics, as published by the National Association of Realtors, show that 50 percent of home buyers get their house online.

Let them take quality photos of your house and put them online. Ensure that you saturate the images on all social media platforms. An enticing detailed description must accompany the images. 

Step Five: Initiate Negotiation with a Potential House Buyer 

Once you engage in advertising your home, expect calls from several prospective buyers. Be ready for a negotiation process with the help of your agent. Once you find the right buyer and you are through with the negotiations, you will need to sign some transfer documents to seal the deal.

Step Six: Preparing for a Final Sale of the House

If I was a buyer, it is apparent that I will find some faults on the property that I will want them repaired before moving on. That also applies to any other buyer. So, as you close a deal, you should expect some more repair requests from the buyer.

If it is not a costly repair, you can talk it through with the buyer. You either repair it yourself or a buyer to accept a closing cost credit.

Step Seven: Do Settlement and Finish Selling the House

The final stage involves the signing of the necessary documents, property transfer documents, and the disbursing of funds. The final stage is sensitive, and it may be in your best interest to engage an attorney or any settlement agent from a certified company.


Generally, the house selling process may differ depending on the prevailing situation. However, if you carefully consider the steps mentioned above, you should be able to find a potential buyer within the shortest time possible. There is also an option to visit https://www.faristeam.ca to become more informed about selling your house.

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